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You dream, We build !!

Amazing Technologies is a Ghanaian based technology company that provides solutions  to solve most of our everyday problems. We realised that a lot software solutions were just add-ons but did not really solve the urgent needs of the customer,  hence Amazing technology was born out of the desire to fix these problems. We do this by focusing on four main areas:

  • Digital health: Due to our dissatisfaction with the quality of health system in Africa, we build products such as BisaApp and WalaApp that enable our user to have easy access to health services.
  • Financial technology: There is an increasing customer frustration in how they currently engage with financial institution, hence our desire to make products that make transacting online easier.
  • Communications: Due to the fact that the world is becoming more of a global village, we focus on creating tools that allow a client to communicate and allow the needs of the diverse population.
  • Customised software: We understand our clients may sometimes need solution outside the domain of our products, hence in such situations we collaboratively work with them to develop business solutions that enhance their business.

To be at the forefront of advancing the technology industry in Africa while enhancing the communication between our clients and those they care about.

The aim of running this firm is to inspire, build authentic creativity, and to create a culture that is deeply committed to research and building software solutions that solves the needs of our clients.

  • Transparency
  • Trust
  • Commitment
  • Social Justice
  • Innovation

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