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There are few growth sectors that have experienced the same level of momentum as the mobile application market during the last seven years, and this trend is certain to continue for the foreseeable future. This is reflected by the figures, as while global mobile app revenues were estimated at $18.56 billion as recently as 2012, they are expected to more than quadruple to a staggering $76.52 billion by the end of 2019.

While business-owners may be increasingly aware that mobile apps can drive huge revenues in the modern age, however, they may not know that they can also be used as influential, inbound marketing tools. This has become more apparent during the initial rise of App Store Optimisation (ASO), which borrows heavily from SEO and allows brands to enhance the visibility of their application in relation to specific keyword phrases.

Every job requires a tool, and brand marketing is no exception. The era of mobile devices also asks for something new, different from old but gold TV, radio ads, and street banners. Mobile branding apps are the exact tools that today’s brands require.Today, companies often turn to branded apps to increase conversion and ensure a great user experience. These applications offer effective solutions for communicating with users and keeping them with the brand. In general terms, mobile app branding means how users will see the app while interacting with it. It stands for visual image, communication, and reputation.